Sydney Seed Fund

The Sydney Seed Fund is an early stage investment fund managed by experienced entrepreneurs looking to invest in Sydney’s most passionate tech founders.

Backed by an awesome investment team, international advisors and group of investors, the Fund aims to invest in 20 start-ups with approximately $100,000 of funding per company.

If we back you, you’ll become part of the Sydney Seed Fund Ecosystem – accelerating your opportunity to build a globally significant online business.

Founder Applications

What will you be asked in this video interview?

You'll be asked simple questions so we can learn about your own story and some of the the things that drive you as a founder. There are 6 questions and the recording should be complete within 10 minutes.

This isn't a job interview or an X Factor audition. Relax and just be yourself.

Apply now by recording your video interview

How will it work?
You'll be taken through a series of simple steps to:
  1. Setup and record a free-format introduction
  2. Respond to interview questions
  3. Record any closing comments.
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